When a document is recorded into the Official Records of Douglas County with a name and/or parcel number that is being monitored, an email will automatically be sent to the provided email address. Please note: This service applies only to documents recorded after sign up. To search documents already recorded under your name or parcel number, click here.

The Douglas County Recorder’s Office and the County of Douglas declare the information contained and provided through the Recording Notification System (hereinafter referred to as “RNS”) does not constitute the official record of the Douglas County Recorder’s Office. Any user of the information in RNS is advised that it is provided AS IS. You are advised that any user of this information does so with full knowledge that this data is subject to error and/or omission, and acknowledges and agrees that neither the Douglas County Recorder nor County of Douglas, its contractors, subcontractors or agents, are responsible nor liable whatsoever for the accuracy or validity of any information so provided. You are advised that the information you provide as part of using this service may be subject to public disclosure in accordance with Nevada public records law.

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If you receive an alert, a document has been recorded that includes a name you are monitoring. The alert will provide you with a document instrument number. Click here to search the online Official Records or click the link in the email to view the document. If you suspect you are a victim of fraud, contact local law enforcement.

For assistance, please contact the Douglas County Recorder at (775) 782-9025.